CBD Suggested Use

Absorption Factors

CBD effects everyone differently and while research is ongoing, it may take a bit of “trial and error” to get to your perfect dosage. The amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors, including:

  • Your body weight and metabolism
  • Extent of the relief you’re seeking
  • Your individual body chemistry
  • The bioavailability and concentration of CBD in the product you’re taking
  • External stressors (sleep, mood, digestion, calmness, etc.)

It’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it.  Land on where you want to start after researching the product you’ve chosen or speaking with one of our in-store representatives. Take this dosage for a week and see how you feel; if needed, increase this amount by 5 mg daily. Continue this rhythm weekly until you feel that it’s effectively offering the relief you’re seeking. Remember, more is not always better with CBD!

Product Specific Effects

  • Oils / Tinctures – Absorb into the bloodstream. Typically take 20-30 minutes to take effect and should last between 4-6 hours (depending on dosage).
  • Edibles / Capsules – Travel through the digestive system. Will take 30+ minutes to take effect and should last between 4-6 hours.
  • Vape/Concentrates – Effects are almost instantaneous (10 minutes or less) and should last between 2–4 hours. 
  • Topical – Results are dependent on the amount of relief sought and the strength of the chosen product.  Apply a small amount liberally to the targeted area.

The effects and durations referenced above are general and will vary depending on an individual’s external stressors, food digestion, etc. 

CBD Oil Doses

To help you understand how many servings are in a bottle and how much CBD you’re taking, we’ve created a chart that breaks down all of our oils. The numbers indicated for “Servings per bottle” assume that is the amount consistently used for the lifetime of the bottle.

Serving SizeServings
 Per Bottle
Full Dropper (1ml)3033.33
3/4 Dropper (0.75ml)4025.00
1/2 Dropper (0.5ml)6016.67
1/4 Dropper (0.25ml)1208.33
Serving SizeServingsMg/Serving
 Per Bottle
Full Dropper (1ml)3066.66
3/4 Dropper (0.75ml)4050
1/2 Dropper (0.5ml)6033.34
1/4 Dropper (0.25ml)12016.66

My Relief Health CBD Journal

A great way to approach the “start slow” mentality is to chart your progress.  Track the CBD product, amount taken, and time you are taking it. The effects of CBD are truly different for everyone, which is why you’ll need an organized, personal approach. You should pay particular attention to external stressors that may impact how you feel and the amount of CBD needed to provide the desired relief.  We’ve created a sample journal to assist you, as you find a rhythm and learn what products work best.  Click the link below to download and print.

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