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 My Relief Health topicals are rubbed directly onto the skin to soothe muscles and joints, providing hours of targeted relief. Our topicals are a powerful addition to your daily skincare regimen, enabling you to harness the benefits of hemp for those areas that require the most TLC.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“My daughter is a college athlete and experiences soreness after team training sessions. We had exhausted our efforts in trying to find relief until we came across your hemp extract 500mg balm. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be buying again!"
~ Michelle M.
“A consistent regimen of your hemp extract products has done wonders for my disposition; I’m more relaxed and “go with the flow,” which makes me a better wife and mom."
~ Renee F.
"I have tried your 1000mg salve and 400mg muscle cream. I continue to use both products daily but the salve is my favorite. I apply a small amount of it before going to bed and I am able to sleep soundly without discomfort. It's been years since I got a good night's sleep!"
~ Mary K.

Organically grown, CO2 extracted hemp.

U.S. grown and manufactured products.

Every product is third-party tested to ensure potency and safety.

Why us? Because we get it.

Beyond our genuine empathy for all that life throws your way, we know that picking the right wellness partner is absolutely key to ensuring you are using safe and effective products. The honest truth is, not all hemp products are created equal. Between false marketing and a product landscape that often over-promises but under-delivers, likely your shopping attempts end in confusion, frustration, and a raging desire to table-flip. 

Here at My Relief Health, we provide safe products formulated with premium ingredients, grown on American soil. Our commitment to compliance and transparency ensures that you are getting the quality you expect and results you deserve. 

Let Nature Run Its Course...

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