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CBD is highly effective in improving aspects of your everyday life, and now, you can enjoy exceptional convenience when it comes to choosing the right product for you. At My Relief Health CBD, we offer a range of effective CBD for healthcare and skincare nationwide from our base location in Southgate, MI that can transform your daily wellness routine. With an outstanding variety of CBD oil, topicals, flowers, gummies, and more available, you can enjoy CBD your way. See the difference CBD can make in your life today.

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At My Relief Health’s CBD, we provide extensive options for relief nationwide from our base location in Southgate, MI. We feature CBD oil in a range of strengths, as well as CBD topicals that offer targeted relief for aches and strains. Enjoy the convenience of CBD gummies for an on-the-go experience, or soak in the tub after a long day with a CBD bath bomb. We also offer CBD flowers for a highly bio-available way to enjoy the effects of CBD. Our products are developed with quality in mind for effective relief every time.

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Are you looking for CBD products for health or skincare? My Relief Health’s CBD offers everything you need to improve your wellness. Shop online today, or call our team at (734) 785-8970 for more information. information.


Kari once ran marketing campaigns for a multi-million dollar agency, but it was trying to homeschool that nearly broke her. Three things were clear: bandanas cover gray roots; she’s not smarter than a 5th grader; and she needed to get a grip before her mother-daughter relationships were forever damaged! Enter CBD. 

My Relief Health’s 2000mg full spectrum CBD oil helped her gain control of the marbles. She laughs more, yells less, and is a better mom than ever!

CBD for Healthcare
Paul and Joann


Paul and JoAnn had looked forward to retirement for years, until that day came and a lifetime of carpentry work had started taking its toll on Paul’s body. Hobbies that he’d loved – woodworking, fishing, and gardening with his wife – had become so difficult that it inhibited not just the time they spent together, but the joy and freedom they’d anticipated.

A friend suggested Paul buy a My Relief Health CBD oil and topical, to tackle his issues from both the inside and out. Very quickly, the combination of a full spectrum oil and the 500mg balm made Paul feel like a new man! They’re now enjoying time at their lakehouse with grandbabies and family, and JoAnn is thrilled to have her man back!


Kevin is a professional who prefers to spend his work days up and about, mixing amongst co-workers and clients. He avoids being still for too long and habitually finds ways to do work without having to hunch over a computer for long hours at a time. That is, right up until he was forced to do exactly that! Suddenly nothing felt right – his neck, his shoulders, his back; he started to lose sleep and, consequently, productivity.

Desperate, Kevin bought My Relief Health’s 1000mg salve and began rubbing it into those sore muscles daily. The relief was so great that it’s continued to be a part of his daily wellness regimen even now that he’s back in the field again! 



To put it simply, Beth is BUSY. She carpools kids to sports, band practice, and sleepovers; holds down a home AND an elementary school teaching career! But no matter how neatly organized her planner was, trying to keep the family’s schedule running smoothly was wreaking havoc on her happiness and energy.

She started taking My Relief Health’s broad spectrum CBD oil twice a day, and gained a newfound ability to go-with-the-flow in situations that would’ve induced tears of frustration! She even keeps a bottle of our 0.0% THC gel capsules in her purse for an added boost on those extra hard days.

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My Relief Health is proud to be a fully licensed CBD retailer and distributor through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and has entered into a hemp research agreement with the State of Michigan. When you partner with us, feel confident knowing you are working with a compliant and transparent CBD company.


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